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History[ edit ] Founding of the university[ edit ] At the beginning of the 20th century, wealthy individuals made several petitions to the Hamburg Senate and Parliament requesting the establishment of a university, however those were made to no avail. Although for a time, senator Werner von Melle supported the merger of existing institutions into one university, this plan failed because of the parliaments composition due to the effects of class voting. Much of the establishment wanted to see Hamburg limited to its dominant role as a trading center and shunned both the costs of a university and the social demands of the professors that would have to be employed. Progress was made however, since proponents of a university founded the Hamburg Science Foundation Hamburgische Wissenschaftliche Stiftung in and the Hamburg Colonial Institute in The former institution supported the recruitment of scholars for the chairs of the General lecture system and funding of research cruises, and the latter was responsible for all education and research questions concerning overseas territories. In the same year, the citizenry approved a construction site on the Moorweide for the establishment of a lecture building, which opened in and later became the Main Building of the university.


Leipzig Trade Fair , started in the Middle Ages , has become an event of international importance and is the oldest surviving trade fair in the world. There are records of commercial fishing operations on the river Pleisse in Leipzig dating back to , when the Margrave Dietrich the Younger granted the fishing rights to the church and convent of St Thomas. The foundation of the University of Leipzig in initiated the city’s development into a centre of German law and the publishing industry, and towards being the location of the Reichsgericht Imperial Court of Justice and the German National Library founded in

–, Leipzig Organized by the International Brecht Society (IBS) and the Centre of Competence for Theatre (CCT) at Leipzig University in cooperation with the Institute for Theatre Studies at Leipzig University and Schauspiel Leipzig.

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Digital copies of the volumes of this essential reference catalogue Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin http: Die von der Orientabteilung betreute Sammlung umfasst mit ihren The collection covers more than years of Islamicate scholarship and features manuscripts from all disciplines, amongst them history, theology, jurisprudence, medicine, science, grammar, lexicography and literature. It is probably a unique example of a cohesive, traditional Arabic-Islamic family library.

The trilingual database English, German and Arabic and the digitization will facilitate the presentation of a cohesive pre-modern Damascene family library on the Internet and, thereby, make the manuscripts accessible internationally – including the Islamic world – for further research. The digital recording of the Refaiya manuscripts is based on the DFG-funded database, “Pilot Project for a database-supported indexing and digital presentation of the recently acquired Arab, Turkish and Persian manuscripts at the University of Leipzig” www.

Original Article In and out of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau: divergence time estimation and historical biogeography of the large arctic-alpine genus Saxifraga L.

Peter Schmid The versatile hand of Australopithecus sediba makes a better candidate for an early tool-making hominin than the hand of Homo habilis. Hand bones from a single individual with a clear taxonomic affiliation are scarce in the hominin fossil record , which has hampered understanding of the evolution of manipulative abilities in hominins. An international team of researchers including Tracy Kivell of the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Leipzig, Germany has now published a study that describes the earliest, most complete fossil hominin hand post-dating the appearance of stone tools in the archaeological record , the hand of a 1.

The researchers found that Au. The extraordinary manipulative skills of the human hand are viewed as a hallmark of humanity. Over the course of human evolution , the hand was freed from the constraints of locomotion and has evolved primarily for manipulation, including tool-use and eventually tool-production.

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Travnik is found metres 1, feet above sea level. Climate[ edit ] Travnik has a continental climate , located between the Adriatic sea to the South and Pannonia to the North. Average summer temperature is Average winter temperature on the other hand is a cold 0.

Webauftritt der Universität Leipzig. Molekulare Evolution und Systematik der Pflanzen Veröffentlichungen in

You are met by your tour escort and transferred to the hotel. Overnight in Berlin B. Visit the Augustine Monastery where the great theologian taught and lived, Luther Hall, the greatest museum of Reformation History where you will see Martin Luther artifacts and some of his works. After lunch in the colorful city market place, take a short drive to Torgau, a political center of the Reformation, and the location of the first Presbyterian Church consecrated by Luther in Here the Torgau Articles were drawn up, and essential part of the Augsburg Confession.

Travel on to Leipzig, where Luther and eight other Wittenberg professors debated with supporters of the Papal Authority in , which marked a crucial point in the development of the Reformation. This afternoon visit Eisleben, where Luther was born in , baptized, preached his last sermon and died over 62 years later. Continue to Mansfeld where he spent his childhood. Luther attended the University here and entered law school after graduation, although after two months of study he became a monk at age Here we also see St.

Continue on to the Wartburg Castle, where Luther spent ten months after the famous Diet of Worms in It was this period Luther translated the New Testament into German.

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„“Wer Gleichberechtigung auf das ‘Votzen’-Niveau herunterbricht, hat die gesellschaftlichen Herausforderungen, die vor uns liegen, nicht verstanden.“ die Uni Bielefeld sorgt für Schlagzeilen .

Oliver Sturm The Western Mediterranean is one of the hotspots of current climate change. Increasing temperatures and decreasing precipitation lead to significant changes in the hydrological, ecological and geomorphological systems. Regarding Holocene and Late Glacial climatic history, there is strong evidence for multiple sub-millennial to millennial scale climatic deteriorations with intense and abrupt impacts on the environmental systems as well.

However, dating inaccuracies, different environmental response mechanisms and thresholds, and insufficient chronological resolution of the different environmental archives lead to many uncertainties in palaeoenvironmental reconstructions. In the focus of our planned project is a transect of limnic archives including former lake shorelines and adjacent lower slopes in the Middle and High Atlas, a mountainous margin in the transition zone of Western Mediterranean to Saharan air mass trajectories.

With the aid of an interdisciplinary ecological, hydrological and geomorphological proxy approach we want to gain centennial-scale intercalated data to bridge former problems in the interpretation of environmental response mechanisms to climatic changes. In a first field survey and coring campaign pilot study we want to evaluate the stratigraphical potential of multiple sites in the Middle and High Atlas, recover high-quality sediment cores and establish the age of the archives.


Monument of the Battle of Nations The International Fair Trade Centre Leipzig Synagogue Memorial Leipzig Bayerischer Bahnhof oldest train station Besides sightseeing, Leipzig offers many options for outdoor relaxation and sports, with its many parks, botanical gardens and accessible forests, ideal for hiking, picnics, bike rides and long walks.

International atmosphere in Leipzig Leipzig is the fastest growing city in Germany, attracting migrants, workers and students not only from other parts of the country, but also from all across the globe. There are also other languages being spoken in the local communities of immigrants, specifically Russian, Romanian, Polish, Vietnamese, Turkish, Arabic and several others.

Weather Leipzig The weather in Leipzig is humid, with mild and wet winters and warm rainy summers. The average temperature for January is 0.

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Amazon and webvpn uni leipzig Coca-Cola are among companies eyeing the goods sheds of Indian Railways to improve their supply chain how to webvpn uni leipzig .

At the cave site of Jebel Irhoud, researchers discovered the fossil remains of five individuals dating back , years. They were found alongside stone tools, animal bones and charcoal, indicating the controlled use of fire. This discovery pushes back the oldest fossil evidence of our own species by , years—the previous oldest Homo sapiens remains came from Omo Kibish, in Ethiopia, and date to , years ago.

Keep up with this story and more by subscribing now Two studies announcing the findings have been published in the journal Nature. In one, scientists document the morphological features of the fossils , showing how this early version of a human would have looked remarkably like what we do today. The other paper focuses on the dating of the site , with scientists using new techniques to establish how old the tools and remains were.

The fossils unearthed are not true Homo sapiens, the researchers note.

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