The Gemini Woman

Caring and home loving Crabs prefer a quiet evening alone with family or friends. The tendencies to be pessimistic and clingy in their relationships run high. Their hearts rule over their minds more often than not. They are most compatible with people who share their views and approaches in life. Cancers are well matched with other water signs as well as earth signs who share their views on life and love. What will happen when the social chameleon Gemini meets the hermit Crab? Are they meant to be lovers or friends? Read on to find out more. He can talk for hours, and she will not get bored in his company.

How to Understand a Gemini Man in Love

Part of Body Ruled: Hands and arms Motto: Possessing a natural charm and an easy way with words, the Gemini woman is well equipped to successfully take on the challenges of life. This woman can easily adapt to whatever circumstance presents itself and her calm, positive attitude is an irresistible lure to everyone she comes into contact with. Although usually in control of her emotions, she can turn from being the hot, sensual Gemini seductress to a cool, calculating backroom lawyer in the blink of an eye.

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The balance that is reached between the two will hold the threads of the relationship together. For a large part, the couple will enjoy a healthy relationship but due to the shifty and moody nature of the Gemini woman, the union may come under stress. The Gemini woman is depicted by twins in the astrology calendar. This symbol also contains the secrets to her qualities that form the basis of her existence. The Gemini female is always on the lookout for excitement and adventure in her life.

However, the Cancer man is a total opposite and is known to retract into his shell once he finds himself amidst a crowd. Though both signs complement each other fantastically, they are both quite distinct from each other in character. This way, they co-exist with each other peacefully and happily. The Gemini woman has an unpredictable behavioral pattern where she shows intense love and passion one minute, extreme hatred the very next. She can display a range of emotions in one eventful hour and can scare the wits out of a sane person.

Cancer Woman & Cancer Man Love & Marriage Compatibility

How compatible is a guy with Cancer zodiac sign and a girl with Gemini sign? All about Cancer Gemini compatibility. The Cancer man will find it hard to mingle up with a Gemini female. A great level of compromise is needed if a Gemini woman and Cancer man want to stay together.

 · Still, if Gemini listens and Cancer gives their partner enough air, this is a wonderful, childish bond, full of excitement and life. There is a certain “motherly” glow around Cancer, male or female, that gives Gemini enough room to set their inner child ://

They enjoy a beautiful association in the long run as they develop gradual understanding for each other. This relationship is filled with love and passion along with elements some of insecurity. When a Cancer male falls for a Gemini female, their association may not click in the first meet. In the start, it may be a kind of roller coaster ride with some ripples but with the passage of time, their compatibility will strengthen resulting into a beautiful relation. Being in love with a Gemini woman is like a dream come true for him and she never fails to add a smile to his face.

Both partners in this love match admire each other. She is thoroughly impressed by his chivalry and he is amazed with her beautiful talents.

Gemini and Cancer Compatibility

Can the ebullient and charming Gemini find a permanent romantic partner in the sentimental and kind Cancer? Gemini and Cancer Personality Traits: Gemini is the third sign of the zodiac chart. These individuals have a certain charm about them and it sprouts from the innate unpredictability of their personalities.

free online: Gemini is an airy sign whereas Cancer is a water sign. Both are spontaneous but in opposite directions. Gemini Man & Cancer Woman Match. If your partner is a Cancer Woman: It is a watery sign. Sensitive, shy, moody, sympathetic are the keywords for Cancerians. Male Female Time of Birth Place of Birth. Yes, I would like to

Gemini is always using his quick mind to analyze people the second he meets them, and Cancer is always feeling people out based on their emotions. They will come close to understanding each other, but never completely. Gemini will always have a hard time understanding what she is feeling, and Cancer will have a hard time understanding what he is thinking. One thing she should avoid in her moods is to not talk things out with him. Geminis are typically quite cheery, but this will drive him wild.

Geminis are Mutable signs and like to talk everything out. He will get frustrated when she gets in her mood because it is rare that he will be able to get her out of them. Poking and prodding her for reasons of her moods is not going to help the situation at all. If you love her, let her know you are there for her and she will come around. I know this may drive the Gemini a little nuts because they like to fix things when they are broken, but some things are better left alone. If she could she would give him the Moon.

Gemini and Cancer Love Compatibility

So far, so good — so they start dating. After a very short while, however, Cancer man Gemini woman compatibility will start to falter. How come she changes her mind eighteen times a day? What if she changes her mind about him? He was fine earlier, why is he sulking now? In fact, both partners are moody in their own ways.

Gemini Cancer Compatibility and Gemini Cancer Horoscope – Astrological compatibility and love match for Gemini woman & Cancer man, Gemini man & Cancer woman. Read how the stars influence your sexual life, sex, dating, relationship, and love horoscopes.

Check new design of our homepage! Gemini Man and Cancer Woman Compatibility: Go through the following article to know more on relationship compatibility between these two signs. AstrologyBay Staff Last Updated: Feb 23, Sometimes, it so happens that in the initial days of courtship, the couple seem so much in love. However, as the time passes, the disagreements and arguments start erupting. And so, one is bound to wonder, ‘what went wrong’, or ‘why is it not working’?

In most of the cases, the answer lies in the fact that the individuals belong to two incompatible astrological signs.

Gemini Woman and Cancer male

The powerful sexual attraction is a usual thing for these two signs. A problem is that sexual attraction fades in the face of many temperamental differences. Aries leaps without looking; Cancer is cautious. Cancer loves hearth and home; Aries hates being tied down.

Sagittarius man dating a gemini woman for sagittarius men and gemini women, life is just too short not to spend adaptability, gemini woman sagittarius man famous couples however, sagittarius man and gemini woman means she can learn sagittarius man dating a gemini woman .

Gemini Woman and Cancer Man This love match requires a bit of work to be a success but it is possible to cultivate a true relationship since the Gemini woman will express thoughts easily to her Cancer man and in turn he’ll express abundant emotion. While it’s true they’re often talking about two different subjects since thoughts are rational and emotions involve feelings, the Gemini woman helps her Cancer man be more subjective about his emotions while the Cancer man teaches his Gemini woman to have sensitivity in communication.

Sexually, there is a deep attraction and together, this couple will have a very good imagination so you know the creative sex should never end! Gemini Man and Cancer Woman The Cancer woman will not initially feel safe and secure with a Gemini man so this love match will require a bit of work. The Cancer woman is instinctive, habitual and moody. The Gemini man is all too familiar with mood shifts since he has that double personality.

While it’s true that his personality changes are more mentally based, the Cancer woman has little difficulty accepting him for who he is on any given day. When dating turns into a sexual relationship, the Cancer woman is easily turned on by her Gemini man’s ability to mentally attune to her deepest desires. She secretly delights in the fun of a lover who keeps her guessing!

The perfect first date for Gemini and Cancer would be an intimate dinner at a bistro followed by the latest romantic comedy. Cancer likes quiet dinners, museums and antique shopping. Gemini likes art exhibits, hip concerts and comedy clubs. This love match combination includes a player and a clinger.

Gemini and Cancer Love Compatibility

Daily Karmic Number When Gemini and Cancer come together in a love affair, it may be a rather curious relationship. Sensitive, emotional Cancer has trouble communicating clearly, but clear communication is what defines Gemini. Cancer is the Sign of home and hearth, while Gemini is the thinker. Cancer is strongly intuitive and maintains an almost psychic connection with their loved ones, but can tend toward possessiveness and idealization of their Gemini partner.

Cancer tends to keep their emotions bottled up inside as they have trouble expressing themselves. They envy Geminis their gift of open, clear communication afforded by the influence of Mercury.

 · To the Gemini female, love is an experience that needs to be sought out, while to the Cancer Man it is an emotion that needs to be felt. After their first encounter in the bedroom, they might suddenly realize that they might not be able to satisfy their partner ://

Imelda Last Updated April 9, , 9: In this special report on the match between Gemini and Cancer Zodiac signs I will give you my thoughts and expert analysis on the friendship, love and marriage compatibility between these two signs. I must get about twenty emails a week from my readers asking me to look in detail at the love match potential between Gemini and Cancer.

This is a really hot topic this year since the prospects for Gemini and marriage are actually very positive. Most people want to know is Cancer an ideal match for the Gemini and is there even a possibility of romance leading to marriage. Gemini and Cancer Matches Gemini and Cancer can actually get along quite well. In many respects, Gemini and Cancer share a lot in common.

Gemini is often criticized for having two faces. The reality is that this aspect of the Gemini in your life was hidden in plain sight. The Cancer, on the other hand shares this aspect because Cancer projects a very strong, responsible and otherwise even tempered appearance. They can look very professional. They can look very respectable, but deep down they are quivering massive insecurities, petty jealousies and other issues.

In fact, it only takes a certain level of stress for Cancer to really unleash this negative aspect of their personalities. If you know anything about Gemini personality traits you can see how these traits are shared between Gemini and Cancer.

Cancer Man And Gemini Woman Love Compatibility

Free Scorpio man and Cancer woman compatibility horoscope The passivity of these zodiac signs is due to the fact that they both belong to the same element – Water. At the beginning of dating, they will, for a very long time, look closely to each other, picking each other cautiously, slowly, carefully weighing their steps. Zodiac sign Cancer always seems a little mysterious, closed to others, though friends say that the Cancer woman is cheerful, sociable and has a gentle vulnerable soul.

She is not vainglorious.

The Gemini man is restless and easily bored, so come with many ideas and be open to spontaneity. Gemini man is mercurial, and the short exchanges of texts and emails make him feel caught up .

Nevertheless — probably because they’re next-door neighbors in the Zodiac — consecutive Star Signs such as Gemini and Cancer are traditionally considered to have quite a good level of love compatibility and a reasonable chance of understanding each other and getting on. Gemini, for example, can often offer a logical solution to the Crab’s worries and anxieties, help it to handle its mood swings and keep it feeling upbeat.

In a live-in relationship, Cancer and Gemini can actually make a good team. Social butterfly Gemini loves a partner it can rely on to keep everything ticking over on the domestic front while it’s out busy networking — and who better than the homebody Crab who’s always happy to have someone to look after. In return, Gemini, one of the best schmoozers in the Zodiac, offers shy Cancer the chance to come out of its shell and meet a few new people — and when the Crab is being unreasonably moody, a good verbal kick in the ass!

Gemini’s flirtatious nature and its light-hearted, perhaps rather superficial, approach to love can give the insecure Crab a few misgivings, while to butterfly Gemini, Cancer can seem too clingy, too possessive and much too easily hurt. For things to work between these two sexually, Gemini needs to show more sensitivity, while Cancer has to toughen up a bit and learn to let go. But at the same time, because the ways their brains work are so very different, they can also find each other hard to understand at times.

Gemini takes a strictly logical approach to decision-making and problem-solving, based on thorough and detailed discussion. An all-Gemini type is a dizzy social butterfly who never sits still and spends very little time in the home. A stereotypical Cancerian rarely strays far from home, hearth and family and tends to be quite shy and timid in the company of strangers.

In the worst case scenario these two would probably end up spending very little time together.

Cancer Woman Gemini Man Compatibility

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