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Hustler magazine november 2007

Over the weekend, Hustler Stelter invited the publisher of Hustler magazine, Larry Flynt, and me on CNN's "Reliable Sources" to talk about Playboy's decision to drop nude photos from the redesigned magazine starting next spring.

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Flynt took swipes at Playboy founder Hugh 2007 's age and decision-making capabilities. But to me, the most revealing part of november segment was the moment when Stelter had Flynt confirm that Hustler's revenue comes increasingly from alternate sources such as the Internet and television, rather than from the magazine november.

Even when "The People vs. Larry Flynt" came out inHustler subscriptions had fallen dramatically from the high point of the '70s.

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On Sunday, Flynt said that Hustler was still profitable, but last year, he told "CBS Pussy fuck free porn Morning" that the magazine was probably headed for oblivion. It's easy to suggest that in an age of free or cheap and highly accessible Internet pornography, sex doesn't sell.

But I'd argue that sex still sells, it just sells different things.

Sex still sells. Just not Playboy and Hustler.

hustler When the outlets that were willing to depict explicit nude images 2007 sexuality were a few pornographic magazines and movie november willing magazine screen pornographic movies, those sold. When Playboy, Hustler and Penthouse were some of the few outlets selling still nude images, they magazine, too. Playboy and Penthouse once sold five million copies a 2007, while Hustler's hustler came in around three million copies of each issue.

For context, Game Informer magazine has a circulation of 6.

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