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Some of the strips are incomprehensible to me, but others are outright hilarious. But all the strips are about science and scientist and that makes it worthwhile reading; for making science light-hearted and entertaining is a way for people to know more about science. I had read “Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal” SMBC on and off and I heard about this book on kickstarter but what made me decide to support it and get this book were re A highly entertaining set of comic strips by Zachary Weiner.

I’m glad I did. While most of the strips are available for free on-line, getting them picked by the writer and compiled is a good way to ensure they are of high quality and most of them are.

Misc funny quotes gathered on the Net about sex and marriage, like: ‘The sex was so good that even the neighbors had a cigarette’. (May be offensive to tight-asses).

Check out these new programs, all made just for the Web. May 27, At least one Web show has transitioned to TV: Sanctuary, which began on the Web in with eight webisodes, is now on its way to a fourth season on SyFy. Fred, mentioned above, got a TV movie on Nickelodeon. In addition, there have even been several network TV shows that made webisodes as extras for their audience, including Homicide: The line has blurred a bit now, what with major TV networks gobbling up sites like Hulu in order to take some of their programs online almost immediately after they air.

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After our group discussion, she and I ended up in the kitchen talking about food, life, and expectations. All in their late 20s. I read the email to them, and we laughed.

Jul 10,  · It looks pretty interesting. Without too many spoilers — it’s in the trailer, after all — the doomsday is caused by a planet approaching the Earth, and we hear someone say it was hidden.

The dozen or so employees hover over their brand-new website, then celebrate when the first order comes in And then they stare in dawning horror as the number of orders rapidly rises to tens and then hundreds of thousands. Stride chewing gum’s first ad campaign was about the company growing increasingly desperate because their gum’s flavor lasts so long, all their customers are still chewing on their first piece of gum, forcing them to halt production and find ridiculous ways to force people to spit out their gum and chew more.

One very ill-advised campaign for mental health awareness in the early noughties featured a video advert that would play quiet whispering sounds while you browsed the webpage it was on. Only finding and hovering over the advert would reveal it as the source: Comic Books Sonic the Comic: Commander Brutus, once a generic Trooper Badnik, was hand-picked by Robotnik to be programmed with a copy of Robotnik’s brainwaves to serve as his Dragon.

However, Robotnik failed to anticipate that, in uploading his brainwaves onto Brutus, he also programmed the robot with his personality and his ambitions , and it doesn’t take long for Brutus to betray him and try to take over Mobius for himself. Metallix, the STC version of Metal Sonic; the first two were a success, but the rest were an army of mass-produced Robotnik-built rebellious robots.

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Return of Revenge of Reviews Comics fans may whine and complain when changes come to our heroes, but in the long run, all that matters is whether the stories are good or not. The set-up is that Octavious traded minds with Peter Parker, trapping Parker’s mind inside Doc Oc’s sickly, dying body where Parker definitely, finally died. Some part of Parker’s personality, however, survived inside his body, leaving Parker’s sense of duty and responsibility ‘with great power

Yet another page where someone is weirdly cool discovering they know a person with super powers. For some reason my instinct was to move the dialog forward and not spend any time on the “OMG” factor, which is often the funnest part of a lot of superhero stories. I may revise an upcoming page to.

Aren’t you just ripping off Dramacon?!?!? The answer is no. ConScrew started on 1 April and, except for a hiatus while I was on medical leave early in its run, has been going since then. I’ve not actually read Dramacon, but I’ve been told by people who have that the two comics have nothing in common. Thus, no one’s ripping off anybody. And yes, the second volume of CS is called Con Drama, but the original proof was done before Dramacon hit the shelves.

That mix-up, I can understand. Who are you, and why should we care? Kara Dennison, and you probably shouldn’t. I’m the writer and artist of this little wank.

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Integrating these pursuits has been a lifelong process. Other festivals, which presented Mr. To date, Matt has designed and directed more than 80 theatrical productions; among them: He and Dzieci are profiled in Working on the Inside: Striving towards personal transformation through theatre and works of service has helped fill a space left empty from her days in mainstream theatre.

An evil video game, usually packing some paranormal baggage. Playing the game will cause you to go mad, suffer from horrible nightmares, and even commit suicide in an effort to make the horrors stop. Sometimes, they are less destructive, casting a trance over the player and causing him or her to play constantly, at the expense of their health and relationships.

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It actually was once a leisure account it.

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What caused the Little Ice Age? By Phil Plait February 1, 7: The period is known as the Little Ice Age, and its cause has always been something of a mystery. However, new research by scientists at the University of Colorado-Boulder yay team!

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal is an episodic daily strip by Zach Weiner. The strip has only a few recurring characters, including God, Jesus, a fictional U.S. President, and a fictional Pope.

A note yesterday from Russell Gray: Hi Mark, we have a paper out in Science today. I’ve attached a copy plus a link to a website where we give a more accessible account of the paper. I expect this will be rather controversial again but we have been very thorough both with improving the quality of the data and with testing the robustness of our geographic inferences. The link is http: There are even animated maps! There are two competing hypotheses for the origin of the Indo-European language family.

The conventional view places the homeland in the Pontic steppes about years ago.

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He is the author of two other webcomics, the completed Captain Stupendous with artist Chris Jones, and Snowflakes, co-written by James Ashby and also illustrated by Chris Jones. Weinersmith has been involved in writing and drawing comics since his high school years, but he first published on the internet in the late s. His early comics usually had three or more panels, but after , he switched to drawing predominantly one panel comics.

He stated in a interview that he was glad to have decided to draw one panel comics because he felt three panel webcomics had become a webcomic cliche by that time, and that there were almost no decent one panel comics on the internet.

Dec 12,  · Executive Producers: Marty Weiner, Zach Weiner, James Ashby Produced by: Angel Askins Written by: Zach Weiner and James Ashby.

The humour can be varied, ranging from comments on politics to crude sex jokes. There is also a lot of relationship humour as well. This series contains examples of: All Men Are Perverts: Comes up a lot. Played by James in the first Christmas special. Bigger Is Better in Bed: Turned Up to Eleven in “Prognosis”. Jon dreams about getting a disease that makes his penis grow and grow until it kills him and explodes. He’s disappointed when it turns out not to be real.

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I came here, not necessarily looking for more sexual partners, but to increase my overall connection to my sexuality. I’m a professional and I interact with female attorneys all the time. Often, they, as you might imagine, make sexual jokes. I know I come off as stiff. I think part of it is that if I loosen up and start to reciprocate, I’ll come off as “Creepy.

I’ve been thinking a lot about JustAskJulie’s post that it’s intention.

OkCupid Smbc theater dating solutions inc, departments So what do we do? But the bond trader said the government, facing plunging tax revenues, now had little choice but divorced moms dating tips move to “heavy” quantitative easing, printing money to buy new gilts to support public spending. None of these researchers does research in or associates himself with Austrian economics.

Viral on Cracked Enjoy the “bear-trap” rally on global bourses this spring. Different as we are in culture and history, we might even learn something from their example, now that the blinding ideology of the past has been swept away. This tightens monetary conditions. The leaders were obviously well briefed. Then a young Harvard graduate named Julius Gaudio, whom Mr. In fact, I did argue exactly this. Though having more than anywhere between 30 and 60 minutes to deliver an entire newspaper column each and every day would be nice.

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Her day job is designing costumes for other people; she hates the idea of dressing herself up. So, every year it takes a little prodding on my part to get her to dress up and go out. Sure, you see Halloween cards in the drugstore. But who buys them? Does your mom get pissed at you for forgetting to call her on Halloween?

I love the intelligent science references, the highly-debatable geek-culture references, and the cameos only a nerd would enjoy. So it comes as a shock to me that there is a lot of hate for BBT in geek culture. Many geeks seem to loathe the way the show portrays geek mannerisms, habits, and argue that the show invites normal people to laugh at geeks and encourages belittling them.

The show is simply a televised extension of the bullying we had to endure in high school. But these tendencies, for myself and others, fall along a spectrum. To me, the term nerd refers to the intellectual, academic bent. D candidates, engineers, scientists, computer programmers and other professionally-focused individuals rank high on their nerdiness. Geek refers to the gamers, comic-book readers, the Whovians , cosplayers , furries , LARPers , and other individuals obsessively interested in knowing all the trivia of a fictional mythos.

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