Addicted to Astrology: Libra Sexual Astrology Compatibility

Full Answer Cancer is a water sign ruled by the moon, giving the Cancer man an innate attraction to all things soothing, calming and ethereal. The Cancer man is highly emotional and seeks a deep connection with his partner. He has a strong need to feel emotionally taken care of and nurtured to remain secure in the relationship. Libra, on the other hand, is an air sign ruled by the planet Venus, which represents beauty and love. Air signs tend to be more cerebral and intellectually inclined as opposed to emotional, which can pose a potential problem for the emotionally needy Cancer. Even with these differences in emotional behavior and preferences, Cancer and Libra are quite compatible. Ruled by the houses of emotion and love, respectively, both Cancer and Libra appreciate and seek love, romance and happiness. Both signs prefer secure, comfortable relationships and take great lengths to avoid strife or imbalance.

The Libra Scorpio Cusp and What it Means for Love

Because the best decisions are made using the heart as well as the mind, the coupling of Libra and Scorpio is an excellent choice, as the two complement each other well and will be able to easily face any challenge together. Scorpios tend to brood and can be rather emotional at times, but even-keeled Libras will help to keep them on the right track and bring a harmonious balance to their lives.

All Libras have a love for the beautiful and serene things in life that will help bring peace to the often tumultuous, emotional side of their Scorpio mates.

Has anyone been in an Aries woman/Scorpio man relationship? I am in one and it is up and down. One minute at times we are arguing then the next we are being all lovey dubey.

But can it really be that good? Well, based on my personal experiences of 13 years spent with a Taurus man, I can say yes – and no. I guess it just depends on how “progressed” your Taurus male is and how submissive he may be to the stimulation of his five senses. So before I begin, I’d like to state that there are many, many Taurus men out there that are wonderful husbands, lovers and friends. That being said, I’m sure that you are now guessing where I’m headed with this.

Yep – I’m delving into the “dark side” of the Taurus mans nature as many of my personal observations over the years centered around such activity. So my apologies to all you wonderful Taurus males out there. Taurus folks, as many already know, are all about the stimulation of the five senses. When these stimulations are of a positive nature, they love music, good food, the outdoors, sensitive touch and all things sensually related. It’s a folly of gluttony, abuse and self indulgence.

Taurus males, in particular, can become steeped in drugs, alcohol, casual sex, gambling and the like. He may cultivate relationships, both sexual and platonic, outside of a committed relationship as a Plan B of sorts.

Scorpio sign and rising sign

Aries on the 1st house cusp Aries Ascendant – Aries Rising Mars, ruler of Aries, produces a personality that is positive, aggressive, and competitive. Tact is usually lacking when Aries is on the rise because of the headstrong and aggressive mode of this influence. With Aries rising, diplomacy must generally be learned or obtained from other factors in the chart.

Libra/Scorpio Cusp Those born in between two particular astrological signs are said to be in a ‘cusp’. Those born under signs of a cusp may have traits from both zodiac signs.

In this special report I will explain exactly what you can expect when dealing with someone born on the Libra Scorpio Cusp. The combination of the Libra and Scorpio cusp is when the Libra is born near the period of Scorpio, and the Scorpio is born near the period of the Libra. This is a very interesting combination. Scorpio has very passionate, driven and focused personality ; unfortunately, the biggest hurdle for most Scorpios is that this intensity is often misdirected.

Scorpios are known throughout history as being great athletes and conquerors. This is for a good reason. Their intensity is focused on carnal issues. They are also known for being backstabbers and being vindictive. You put all these negative factors together and you have quite an explosive combination. Thankfully, there are other positive aspects to the Scorpio.

Well-developed Scorpios are actually very sensitive, compassionate, but also a very driven person. If you put all these positive factors together, you have the raw ingredients for great success in life. People who truly matter, people who are remembered, people who made an impact on history, people who care — these are people who look past their own tight circle of concern of family, friend and neighbours to the broader world out there. When they reach out and extend their concern, focus and willpower, great things happen and good changes come.

5th house sexuality

Libra is ruled by Venus and is exceptionally attractive to Aries. These zodiac opposites will share lots of laughter together and go to the hottest parties. It will seem like a constant party. Aries provides substance and intensity to Libra.

If you are dating a Libra, you should know that Libras eat, breath and drink romance. If you want to treat your Libra right, whip out the romantic gestures. Plan romantic outings for you and your Libra love, bring them flowers, chocolates, whatever they like.

Astrology , Scorpio Karma , Scorpio Life , Scorpio Traits Throughout our life we all are trying to understand the truth that Scorpio was born to perceive: The main tool that should be used for this kind of transformation is Love. When powerful emotions and insightful mind yield to the voice of a wise heart, a Scorpio connects with supernatural force and acquires almost magical abilities while turning into the true Mage of Light. Due to that, he can achieve great success in any endeavor.

Scorpio receives an ability to see hidden problems and get access to secret resources in order to multiply goodness and beauty in the world. Scorpio possesses great power and constantly asks oneself- what is the best way to invest it. He is constantly in the state of making a choice: Scorpio knows fairy well that he has lots of different means for destruction and sometimes asks himself — am I the darkest horoscope sign?

Scorpio has the ability to see the ever-lasting battle between good and evil, light and darkness and it can teach him many things.

Dating Turn Ons and Turn Offs for Your Zodiac Signs!

They must learn to relax and have fun. They possess a facile mind and sharp tongue. They are the most critical people in the zodiac. They must concentrate on the future and live for today. They are sought out for honest opinion, because they will hold nothing back. Once they are committed to a project, they will refuse to stop until it finished.

The Libra Sexuality – Traits and Characteristics. Category: If you fumble with the first kiss or get sloppy while pouring out the wine, you might have to wait for another night with your Libran girlfriend. Libra men especially like being in control. Finally unlike a Scorpio or Leo, sex is not terribly important for a Libran to feel.

Libra by kalyani10 As the seventh sign in the Zodiac calendar, Libra includes all those born from 23rd September to 23rd October. Librans are lovers of beauty and harmony and these inevitably inform their sexual relationships as well. A Libra in love For a Libran, being in love means surrounded by the rosy, peaceful aura of romance. Not for them the dizzying emotional roller coaster of a Gemini or the intense passion of a Scorpio. When happily in love, a Libra partner is casual and easy-going and often glows with an inner satisfaction that is obvious to the world.

In fact, they may continue to be in a relationship even when it is better to opt out of it because of their deep disinclination for rocking the boat, as it were. Librans get extremely stressed out by disharmony and quarrels and will often go to great lengths to take things in their stride instead of confronting ugly truths or discussing uncomfortable issues. On one hand, they may seem to want a partner who’s carefree and easy to deal with.

On the other side, they appear to look for someone who’s a true confidante and partner for life. This duality can also affect their own personality; a Libra man or woman may at times attempt to rationalize everything around them while at others they appear sensitive or even idealistic. Often partners of Librans have a difficult time understanding this constant back-and-forth of letting themselves go and reining themselves in.

Give them enough time and space to set their priorities in order since it is in their nature to take some time arriving at a decision.

How to Date a Libra Man If You Are a Libra Woman

Talk to a Love Psychic to learn more about the Scorpio Man. Fascinating Scorpio oozes charm and a magnetism that’s practically impossible to ignore. Women are naturally attracted to him, sensing his deep appreciation for romance.

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His is the sign of partnership, of equality, and of justice. He will strive to stay on an even keel, always trying to be objective. A Libran will often seek to do what he thinks is best for everyone. He believes that you can please everyone all of the time, if you study every possible perspective in any situation. He is a pacifist and dislikes conflict. Nothing can be achieved with a temper tantrum and a Libra man will go to any lengths to avoid confrontation. He much prefers peace and quiet.

He strives for harmony and balance. Picking a movie to watch, what to eat, and where to meet — these questions may take some time to be answered if you leave it all up to him.


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